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Cares Act

December 17, 2020



Dear Member: Your Electric Cooperative has received funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia through the federal CARES Act which may be available to help you with your account arrearages, known as the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF). The Cooperative has identified you as a member-consumer who may be eligible for CRF funds.

In order to receive CRF funds, you must complete the enclosed customer attestation form, identifying a COVID pandemic related need and then return the form to SEC via US MAIL TO:
P.O. Box 7 Crewe Virginia 23930
• You can download the form from our website and send a completed form to .
• If you need assistance, please contact our Member Services Department M-F 8AM-5PM at 1-800-552-2118 Option 4

Your customer attestation form must be received by the Cooperative no later than February 1, 2021 in order to be considered.

At this time, we are unable to determine exactly how much money, if any, you may receive, because that will depend on the number of valid attestations the Cooperative receives from eligible member-owners. Pursuant to law, 60-day or older arrearages are prioritized over 30-59- day-old arrearages. Only arrearages incurred during the period March 1 – October 31, 2020 are eligible for CRF funds. The State Corporation Commission has approved a formula to distribute this assistance, which divides the total amount of CRF funds awarded to the Cooperative proportionally among the member-consumers with arrearages.

Please note, these funds are ONLY for KWH usage. CRF funds will not be applied for any other arrearage. If you qualify, these funds will be applied directly to your account.

You should not depend on these public assistance funds to cover your entire amount due. You should still contact the Cooperative to arrange a repayment plan for any arrearages not covered by the assistance funding.

SEC Member Services Department
NOTICE: You may be eligible for individual financial assistance through the federal CARES Act or other programs. Please visit and for resources on utility assistance programs. You can also call 211 or visit to see what services or organizations might be available to help you.


What you will need to complete the form which can be found at (

• Basic Personal Information
• Your Cooperative Account Number (found on your electric bill)

What the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) covers:

CRF funding covers assistance for bills dated March 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020 and may not be used for past due amounts prior to this time period. Funding is a one-time opportunity, with a one-time CRF assistance payment for each residential account or household. If you also have a nonresidential or business account with the Cooperative, you may make a separate attestation for your business. If you have multiple meters or sub-accounts, CRF funds will be awarded to your membership account and divided proportionally amongst your meters or subaccounts. CRF funds will be used to offset electric account arrearages only and will not be applied to any other fees or charges of the Cooperative. Any funds awarded, will be applied to your account. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A CHECK.

If you have a loan from the Cooperative, for example, for a contribution-in-aid of construction (CIAC) or line extension, CRF funds cannot apply to a CIAC. You will be required to attest to a COVID pandemic-related need.

Your customer attestation must be received by the Cooperative no later than February 1, 2021 in order to be considered.

If you wish to return the form to the Cooperative via email, email it to

CRF Attestation - Residential