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Beat the Peak

Southside Electric Cooperative asks its members to reduce their electricity usage during “PEAK” demand periods. When the weather is extremely cold or hot, the demand for electricity PEAKS because of the increased use of heat pumps and air conditioners, combined with other household appliances.

This voluntary program encourages members to conserve or limit energy usage during peak demand times when your Cooperative may be purchasing power at higher market prices. The cost of electricity during peak times is much higher compared to times of normal electrical demand on the system. 

By limiting the amount of power purchased during these peak high-priced energy periods, the Cooperative can reduce its total power costs and minimize increases in our energy charge to you.


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To help "Beat the Peak":

  • Lower your thermostat 3 degrees in the winter or raise your thermostat 3 degrees in the summer

  • Delay major appliance usage--especially in the kitchen and laundry room


  • Delay hot water usage 

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances 


By following these steps from 6 a.m to 8 a.m. on peak days in the winter and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the summer, your efforts, combined with those of your fellow members, will make a BIG difference. Let's all work together to “Beat the Peak!”





With our free Air Conditioning (A/C) Switch Program, you can help keep your cooperative’s energy costs down, which helps you and the entire community. Enrollment and installation are voluntary, easy and 100% free. To show our appreciation for participating, you’ll receive a one-time check in the amount of $25 mailed to your home address after your first year on the program. 

When the switch is activated by SEC, it cycles off the power to the compressor over the power lines. This occurs only a few times on days with extremely high temperatures.The A/C unit’s indoorfan will continue to circulate air to maintain a comfortable temperature. Very few participants have ever noticed the difference in the cooling of their home.

Sign up today to help SEC save money and energy, and we’ll reward you with $25. Call 888-314-7649 or visit