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Outage Center


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How to Report an Outage to SEC

As a member, you expect many things from your cooperative, including reliable electric service. Please notify us if you are experiencing an outage.


What number should I use to report the outage?



What information do I need?

  1. Physical address where outage has occurred.
  2. Primary phone number associated with the account. Please note: remember to keep SEC updated with your current phone number, by calling us at 800-552-2118.
  3. Follow the prompts and enter all necessary information
  4. If neither the physical address nor primary phone number are available; please enter your SEC account number. If neither are available, please use your SEC account number

Report any other relevant information, such as:

  1. "A wire is down" or "there’s a tree on the line"
  2. Any loud noises heard


Learn about the Power Restoration Process